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The Different Types of Cell Phones Batteries The mobile technology is advancing at a very fast rate since its initial release. If you imagine for a minute of how the cell phones look like before, you can immediately see the big difference in the smart phones that are introduced in the marketplace nowadays. When you ask phone manufacturers, the main purpose as to why smart phones are created is to give the consumers the freedom to call or message their loved ones without the need to go to a post office or send through a fax machine. In order for anyone to appreciate the usefulness of the smart phones being introduced in the public today, one must first understand how the basic cell phones from the past used to work. If you are one of those people who have experienced owning the ancient type of cell phone before, you would surely relinquish those moments you had one from the past while reading this article. Anyone from the past would love to have one of the basic cell phones offered in the marketplace before because those phones are already considered as modern devices by the people from the past. There were only a few types of cell phones before and just a few manufacturers. If you compare the smart phones today from the basic cell phones before, the smart phones today are so much lighter, thinner, and smaller than the basic cell phones from two decade ago. The physical features of the ancient phones were issues many cell phone manufacturers try to handle along with battery problems.
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A lithium battery before would be very costly unlike today wherein those types of batteries are already available in the market at a fair price. These kinds of batteries are of great use because of survivability and life span which is why many armies are using phones with these kinds of batteries. Almost all the smart phones today is using the lithium type of battery as their main source of power.
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A lot of users before have already complained about the inconvenience they have with their basic unit of cell phone. You should be grateful that you are already using almost all the features of a smart phone that a basic phone from the past does not have. Before, only rich people could afford to own a cell phone because cell phones sold in the market have a very expensive price. The cell phones from the past have very long survivability and can last up to 13 days of standby time and 6 hours of call time. It seems like one of the main issues of smart phones today is its battery being unable to power up a mobile device for around 10 hours a day. A button cell can be purchased almost anywhere today.