AC Problems and Solutions

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Air conditioner or commonly referred to as AC (Air Conditioner) became one of the electronic equipment that is often used, whether it be at home, office or elsewhere. Especially for someone who lives in the area of humid or hot humidity.

Just like other electronic devices, this tool will experience interference, either because of user error or because of technical malfunction. If the disturbance of course the room will be less, which will feel hot or stuffy. If your AC is damaged, you can contact AC repair Henderson, Nevada for the best AC repair service.

Air Conditioning Problems and How to Solve them

  • AC Leaking

There are a number of possible causes for AC leakage. The first is the compressed air drain so that the water can’t flow smoothly. So that the water will overflow in the reservoir and water will trickle out. How to overcome the leaking AC that is looking for a compact cause and clean the channel.

The second cause of AC leakage is the drain pump on the AC can’t function properly. How to cope with AC leaking as this is contacting the technician or the AC service center you have. The cause of AC leakage can be due to the lack of drainage air conditioning.

  • Caring for AC Condenser

Caring for condenser in AC is necessary, because condenser is a hot release place on an AC system. So, so that the AC system can work perfectly, then make sure the AC condenser is always in a clean condition and not obstructed any object. The condenser treatment is done by washing at regular intervals, usually about 3 months, but depending on environmental conditions.

  • AC Squeaky

The cause of noisy air conditioner can be caused by many things, including because the screw is installed less tightly. The solution is, tighten the screws so that the creaking sounds that appear disappear. The second cause of AC noisy is that there is a pipe in direct contact with the cover or the cover of the Ac you have. The solution is to reset the position of the pipe so that it does not come into contact with the cover again.

  • AC Smelled

Actually, the air conditioner does not smell. If an odor occurs when the new air conditioner is turned on, it is usually caused by the source of the odor coming from food or drinks carried by air and then attached to the evaporator grille.

Or it could also be caused by dirt or bacteria that accumulate on the evaporator. So, the solution is to do regular maintenance and cleaning, whether it is done alone or ask for help to the expert.