Best online site to buy LED TV in India

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With the current growth rate of the economy and the middle class boom, India is on consumerism steroids. Consumer electronics are in high demand and Smart LED TVs are selling like hotcakes. For you though, that has just overcomplicated things. The nearest offline retailer would offer you some shady deals and try to shove down something with most incentives for them which probably is not the best deal for you. Brands are not helping either with numerous models, their tech jargon advertising and pop up of several online portals to buy from. Let’s try and address one of these issues and solve the dilemma.

We did some extensive research and have listed down five of the best sites that you should look into for buying a brand new LED TV. The sites that are listed have few key things in common which we don’t feel should be an option that can be left out. All of them have multiple safe payment methods, solid vendor checkups, a fair return policy, bugless multiple device interfaces and a proper review section. To know more visit


Snapdeal has had their fair share of problems in the recent past, but have recently remodelled their site to make it more user-friendly. They have a wide assortment of LEDTVs with price range varying from dirt cheap to filthy expensive. Televisions have their own subcategories with numerous filters to isolate models that are best suited to your needs.  So click on this site that will direct you to Snapdeal and you can pick your favourite model from this site without any hassel.


They are one of the largest e-commerce platforms in India and have built up quite a good reputation. Due to that reason, most popular models have huge counts of reviews which would provide you with an honest in-your-face assessment of the product. Moreover, their eKart logistics is one of the most reliable and you can expect to get that massive 65 inches OLED TV delivered to you with utmost care.

They even offer product exchange cashback over a lot of models that brings the price down for exchanging your non-functional TV that was going to the trash anyway.  However, save your bucks for the amazing sales that takes place in Flipkart as you are surely to get big discounts.


Amazon’s advantage over most of its peers in this regard is its optional bundle services and an amazing user interface. What I most liked about the UI was the public QnA which is for the community and by the community and often has information which has been left out in the product description of the reviews. Moreover, few models come with exclusive Amazon Prime and Fire Stick incentives which act as the cherry on top. Now if you are in a hurry, then checkout with Amazon Prime and the LED TV will be delivered to you in just a day.
Shopclues provides one major advantage over other platforms which is the deal breaker for a lot of people with average income. Shopclues usually has the lowest price listing by a few hundred rupees than its immediate competitor. But unlike Flipkart and Amazon who have their “assured” or “fulfilled” sticker, the site promises no such options. So it’s best to assess the vendor reputation before grabbing the jaw dropping the deal.
It is recommended to choose only the trustworthy sites who promise excellent customer services.

In the end, its all up to how you use your common sense and weight your needs along with your priorities to grab the best deal possible from any of these sites.