Choosing a radiator for your conservatory

Conservatories are brilliant in the warmer months but if you want your conservatory to be

Conservatories are brilliant in the warmer months but if you want your conservatory to be a permanent part of your living space, you need to sort out the comfort levels during the winter. Did you know that there are radiators perfectly suitable for installing in a conservatory? Whether you want them to be a part of your central heating system or heated by other methods, you no longer have to abandon your conservatory when the temperature drops.

A conservatory is a considerable investment, taking time and effort as well as cost. If you have dedicated the effort to having one built or bought a property because it has one, you should be able to use it all year round.

During the summer, the warming of your conservatory takes care of itself as the sun heats it up a bit like a greenhouse. Your conservatory should retain a good deal of heat when the sun is shining.

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However, those cold winter days and cooler autumn evenings normally result in the useful living space being abandoned for the warmer areas inside your home. This means that for a good chunk of the year, your conservatory is a waste of valuable space. For a full range of column radiators, visit

Horizontal radiators

The nature of a conservatory means there is a lot of glass and perhaps not much wall space for installing a radiator. This makes low-down horizontal radiators the perfect choice, and they can even come in varieties that look just like a piece of furniture which an oak seat to fit on top.

Electric radiators

These are probably the simplest radiators to use and install. Unless you are undertaking a whole-house renovation, you probably won’t want the upheaval of connecting the conservatory heating to the rest of the property. This is what makes electric radiators a popular choice as they can be installed independently and come in a wide range of designs, with multiple features and functions for whatever your heating needs might be.

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Trench systems

This is a system that is used to prevent heat loss and draughts. Utilising the natural convection of warm air currents, trench systems are ideal for creating heat when wall space is limited, or you need to create a curtain of heat for a doorway. It is a great system for spaces with multiple cold surfaces, such as the large amount of glass and exterior walls found in a conservatory. You won’t lose wall or floor space as the installation is in the flooring providing natural convection to warm a cold area as an alternative to traditional radiators.