Everything You Should Know About Custom Patios

Patio designs are progressing with custom designs becoming increasingly popular as more homeowners venture to make their homes stand out.


What is a Custom Patio


A normal patio would be a straight forward rectangle or a simple square, but properties are being built in confined development sites or odd shaped blocks which can require a bit more thought with the design.


A custom patio can be made adding different styles of patios together, working with obstacles like swimming pools or landscaping and working with the owners to get the design they desire.


What You Should Consider




Patios are typically made up of patio tube, it looks pretty basic but in the correct design can be a better option as it takes up minimal space. However on larger patios increasing the size of the steel to 100×50 or even 150×50 it can provide your new patio with a sense of depth or frame it nicely.


Post sizes


Using a large square post for example; 90×90 not only looks stable but it will also add to the overall appearance of your outdoor space. Patio posts that extend to the boundary are also another option when building close to adjoining properties. This will help keep the patio space open without having posts directly under your new customised patio.


Roofing for your Patio


Another area that can add to the appearance of your patio is the roofing material. There are high-quality heavy-duty roofing products that can help with individual designs to make it easier to work with in odd shaped areas. They can also change the entire appearance of the patio.


Custom Touches


Sometimes it’s the finer details that can add a touch of custom to your new patio. Custom touches can come in the way the patio is designed to allow for additions in the future like patio blinds, for example, making sure that the patio is constructed to incorporate these is a finer detail that can be sometimes over looked.




All top patio builders like Sunscreen Patios Sydney use and recommend Colorbond. Colorbond has an extensive range consisting of 22 colours to select from, from the ever popular Classic Cream to new modern colours such as Wallaby or Gully.


The colour selection is not always easy; it can often make or break your new patio. Colours can be chosen for almost everything on your new patio from the posts to the gutters and the roof, all of which our expert staff can help you with.


The Finishing Touches


As soon as your new customised patio is built, you can put your own unique touch on your new outdoor space. Outdoor furniture, the flooring, lighting, BBQ’s or outdoor kitchens, TV’s, fans etc. can all add your own personalised custom touch under the new patio.


In fact accessorising your patio will completely transform your new patio to be the patio you want and make it custom to your tastes and this makes it yours.