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Instagram Growth and Marketing Guide Over the years Instagram has gained popularity with an estimate of about three hundred million users in the past one year. Instagram being almost the biggest photo sharing media started in the beginning only as a dream of two people. Different people go to Instagram for different purposes inclusive of business purposes other than just sharing photos and videos with friends. With reasons best known to you, you can always make your Instagram better without stress. Below are some of the strategies that you can use to help grow and market your Instagram. Learn to utilize all the tools Instagram has to offer. There have been a lot of developments coming from Instagram all the years the application has been around. It is just not about the complex part of Instagram but also the part where you can better your photos, make creative videos and remain on top of your account changes. It would be cool if you could use the many filters, after effects and simply do editing with the many different features. Even though different people have different complications they can always get something to work with. Just be sure to stay smart and alive in Instagram. You can also better your Instagram account by simply trying to interact with your followers. Keep your followers engaged to your account if you want them to be hooked to your account and even gain more followers. The content you post should be of quality and very engaging; you can also use hashtags to create buzz. Keep interacting with those that are already your followers and those that you want to follow. Be sure people will love your post before you start to follow people. High quality and interesting things are always attractive to a lot of Instagram users. Active people attract a lot of people on Instagram.
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Even as you try to always maintain our posts it is important to see that you do not over post. People get a lot of posts of you on their feeds at the moment you decide to post a lot of stuff at once. Your many posts will become boring and most of your followers will begin to scroll past them. You can always go a few days without posting and it will not do any harm.
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Promote your Instagram everywhere you can. When you first join Instagram you should connect it to Facebook. This will help you attract most of your friends who are on Facebook and if there are those who are not there then you can always invite them. Note that you can always take the link of any of your post and share it on any other social media where you have friends for them to go see.