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What You Should Know About Basement Waterproofing And How It May Be Essential To You One of the most useful space in your home is the basement, which is the underground rooms that are found in your house.Having a basement in your homes is one of the good things that contribute to taking your home to the next level hence it’s like having a treasure .The basement should be given too much attention although you might be not using it currently but you should ensure that it is tidy since it is prone to get dusty or rather wet if not taken care of. You end up reducing the value of your house if you fail to take good care of your basement.A clean and well maintained basement will guarantee you an increase in the value of your house in the vent that you may want to resale that particular house.The buyers will be more concerned about the basement when they come to check your house.A well maintained basement first is done by keeping water out from penetrating the walls of the basement. The basement can be in turn converted into a new bedroom at your house hence you must ensure that it is not leaky or damp.One of the things that you must ensure that you do before you water proof your basement is ensure that you evaluate the perimeter of your basement.The ground that is near the foundation of the basement should be ensured that it slopes away from the foundation and not towards the foundation of the basement.You must also ensure that there are no plantings next to the foundation of the basement because they create a path of water that could then flow to your basement.
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IN the event that you have minor intermittent leaks on the walls of the basement you might try using the waterproofing products such as the xypex and the drylock.The dry lock is normally a waterproof hence it expands as it dries up to become part of the wall.On the other hand the xypex is more like applying of the waterproof concrete that will then bond with the wall.
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In order to avoid leakage of water you can choose to repair the defects such as cracks on the walls.Installing of the sump in your basement could also be an option for you.The sump will perform function such as discharging water in the event it enters the basement. The advice of the professionals is key in ensuring that you have successful project when waterproofing your basement.