How to add sliding doors to shelving units

Shelving units can be very useful, but they can also look messy. If you want to make your shelves look better, here is a step-by-step guide to adding sliding doors to shelving units.

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What you will need

– A bypass door kit.
– Plywood the same length as the shelf.
– At least two sheets of tileboard.
– A four by eight sheet of ¾” particle board cut into eight by four strips. The rest can be cut into eight by two strips.
– Crown moulding (optional).
– Edge trim.
– Finish nails (optional).
– A mitre box.
– Long screws for the particle board.

It is important not to rush. According to the BBC, you are more likely to have a DIY accident if you rush, so take the time to plan each stage.

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How to add sliding doors to shelving units

Step one

The first thing you need to do is add the sliding track to the top part of the shelf; if the shelf is tall, you may also want to secure the shelf to the wall. You can add the sliding track by installing a board to the top of the shelf and then screwing shelf brackets into the board.

Step two

The second step involves gluing the frames to the door. You can do this when everything is in position, screwing the uprights into the board using the particleboard screws. Once you have done this, you will need to leave it for a while for the glue to dry. You may also need to use weights to help it dry securely.

Step three

The third step involves adding the doors. You can do this by installing the sliding door hardware to the doors, then installing the doors to the track. Make sure that the doors are installed securely to reduce the risk of damage to the doors in the future.

Step four

At this point, you can choose to add crown mouldings to the door using finishing nails; however, this is optional.

Step five

The final step involves trimming the doors so they look amazing. This step is very simple and you can use various finishing products to get a beautiful result.