How to clean a commercial fryer

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Depending on the kind of establishment you run, your fryer could be a very busy part of your kitchen repertoire. Like most pieces of machinery, it benefits from regular attention to keep its various parts in good working order. This means cleaning your commercial fryer; if it is in regular use, a daily clean may even be required.

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All fried out

Nothing works well when it is blocked. Bits of batter, crumbs and other sediment can form a layer at the bottom of a commercial fryer, preventing the free flow of oil. The oil can also get sticky and form a gummy layer on the walls of the fryer, while the heating element of the fryer can get clogged and needs to be clean to heat the oil properly and keep the temperature consistent. Fluctuations in temperature can mean greasy, soggy food.

The first step is to disconnect the fryer from the power and let it cool. Remove any accessories, such as baskets, and put these aside. Pour the oil into a container – preferably metal, which won’t melt if the oil is still hot. Clean out all the sediment and scrape all the oil deposits from the walls, putting these in the bin. Soak the fryer in hot water with a little detergent, wash well, rinse, and add half a cup of white vinegar. Rinse again and wipe clean with a damp cloth. Don’t forget to clean the accessories and bench.

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Fry me a river

Deep-fried food is a guilty pleasure for some of us, with even top chefs needing some oil action from time to time; for example, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall discusses his tips for frying in article in the Guardian.

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Your commercial fryer is a valuable piece of equipment. Help it to perform at its best by cleaning it regularly. Oil becomes less appetising when it has been used a lot, so put fresh oil in your fryer from time to time to keep producing delicious and crunchy fried foods.