How to update your classic home without losing its character

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There are many ways you can update your home to make it fashionable and stylish without the worry of losing the individual character of a classic home. From decorations to soft furnishing and from new bathrooms and kitchens to flooring solutions, there are myriad ways to revamp a classic home and retain its character.

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Kitchen and bathroom

The first step in updating a home is to ensure the kitchen and bathroom both look up to date. This does not necessarily mean making them both ultra-modern; instead, you can keep a classic style while ensuring you have the mod cons to make the kitchen pleasant and easy to cook in and the bathroom convenient and efficient to use.

Exterior and interior paint

The exterior of a house should be painted regularly, wherever necessary, to keep it looking great and protect it from the elements. The colours should reflect the house style and vintage. For the inside rooms, the same consideration applies and paint should complement the style. Paint is also related to mood, so make sure you choose paint after considering it in the setting and in all types of lighting before committing to a new colour.

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Lighting makes a huge difference to the feel of a home; for example, you can change a room entirely by adding a couple of lamps. The right type of lights can alter the ambiance and make a room look much more spacious. Also consider the entrance way and keep it looking inviting to guests with a characterful Tiffany lamp or another classic style in the hallway.


Finally, the flooring in your home should be considered carefully. Hardwood flooring looks charming in an older home and this classic look is hard to beat for quality, wear and style. It also adds warmth to a home. One alternative that keeps the same style is laminate flooring. Modern laminate designs can look as good as real hardwood if you visit a high-quality stockist such as This is a more affordable choice than hard wood while still being durable and attractive.

When you are trying to keep the character of a classic home, it is important to think about the style you want to achieve and choose modern designs, fabrics, flooring, paint and lighting to suit your home.