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A Guide to Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are more commonly known as ‘steroids’ are very popular in the whole world of bodybuilding. Steroids basically copy the overall effects of testosterone on the body, which is to produce bigger muscles at a much faster rate. Steroids are man-made, they don’t come from any natural elements. It’s true that there are a couple of health complications that were mainly caused by steroid overdose, but that can happen with just about any kind of drug overdose.

Common Side Effects

There are a few common side effects of steroid abuse like acne, heart disease, smaller testicles, liver disease, new hair growth are just some to name a few. Like we mentioned, steroids have almost the same effects as testosterone, thus those use it might immediately notice all the heightened male factors and behaviour, thus a person might become more aggressive.
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Once a person fully grasps the unwanted side effects of anabolic steroids, they condemn the substance and permanently stay away, even though the effects are mainly caused by abuse. In truth, just to be safe, they are not all that recommended especially for those who have weak determination. Steroids are recognised for their properties that can cause the users to get addicted especially when they abuse the drug; like any drug, they are dangerous for the health when you take them at larger amounts than recommended.
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Steroids and their Medical Purpose

Keep in mind that just because steroids may have an unattractive property here and there or unwanted side effects when abused, doesn’t mean the product is overall bad for a person. There are many reasons as to why this product is still being produced even though people are well aware of all its effects may it be good or bad; a lot of the need comes from medical reasons.

Stimulates a Person’s Appetite

Some digestive problems or health conditions can take away a person’s appetite, of course you can’t effectively force them to eat, steroids are recommended here; steroids can boost the appetite of a person. The steroids that a person takes makes their body feel the need to consume food, thus helps with recovery in a way. Getting bigger or better muscles is but a bonus from steroids, it is also regularly given to people suffering from AIDS or those who have cancer.

Steroids for Bone Marrow

Take note that this isn’t really practised today, a few years back, steroids were given to those with hypo-plastic anaemia in order to help stimulate the bone marrow; the stimulation helps the bone marrow produce better amounts of substances that can aid the body in its fight.