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Hot Tubs- What Are The Different Types Of Hot Tubs? A hot tub is considered as one of the best kind of furniture that can be placed in a patio. Hot tubs are really relaxing. Staying on a hot tub can eliminate stress and even helps a person have a good night sleep. After you have a long day and have body pains, you just need to dip yourself in a hot tub and allow the water to massage your body. The man who invented the first hot tub that has jets was Roy Jacuzzi and he invented it in the year 1968. As time goes by hot tubs have improved. The creator of hot tubs named it after his name, Jacuzzi. Hot tubs or Jacuzzi comes in different forms. There are plastic or inflatables tubs, wood tubs and acrylic tubs. All of this has its own advantages and disadvantages. These tubs also comes with extra accessories. there are certain things that you can add to the tub light lighting. You can actually change the seating or add a radio or television.
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The most affordable kind of tub is the inflatable tub. Vinyl or plastics are the materials that they use to create inflatable tubs. The advantage of this kind of tub is that it can be easily installed and it is light weight. This tub is portable and you can easily bring it anywhere. This kind of tub is noisy and it is not as stable as other kinds of tubs.
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The most common type of tubs are acrylic tubs. This kind of tub can actually be moved. However, you need to put it in a flat surface. This type of tub needs electricity in order to operate. This tub comes in different sizes and different seating capacity. You can add a television, radio and lights that are colored. This type of tub comes in different prices. You will need to use treated chemicals to clean this kind of tub. Your power bill will increase when you use this kind of tub. You must clean this bill at least once a week. Wood tubs are made from different types of wood. This kind of tubs is like the wood barrel tubs before. It is not that easy to look for this kind of tub and not easy to maintain. This kind of tub is much deeper than other kinds of tubs. You need to put this tub in a flat surface. You will also need to use wood treatment. The most expensive type of tub is the underground tubs. You will actually need a permit to have it installed. You cannot move this kind of tub.