Luxury Vinyl Flooring A Perfect Option For Any Trend-Setter!

Are you a Trend-Setter who is re-decorating your home? Well, flooring is one of the

Are you a Trend-Setter who is re-decorating your home? Well, flooring is one of the major elements when refurbishing. A charming home which will dazzle friends and family is within your reach now and which won’t hurt your budget! Whilst hardwood flooring such as White or Red Oak is seen as the darling of Americans, not all can afford this darling, indeed!

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is a red-hot option now with a wide variety of designs and colours which will indeed take your breath away. Now this type of vinyl flooring can imitate the perfect look of hardwood! Not only it has a beautiful appearance, but is cost-effective and extremely durable!

The sizes of vinyl planks are almost similar in size compared to hardwood planks. With its realistic look with great textures and bevelled edges it looks like the real McCoy! These plank shapes which look the same as hardwood boards, which includes characteristics like adjoining boards, which can be snapped together as well as better embossing techniques, these vinyl planks are escalating in popularity! You can also opt for the glue-down type of vinyl planks!

This marvellous flooring option can be installed in almost all the rooms of your home including areas with high humidity like bathrooms, kitchens or basements! When you purchase your planks, look out whether they are FloorScore certified. Such vinyl planks meet all the standards which are set for indoor air quality. It poses to be resilient flooring which can be used for all commercial spaces and homes.

This type of vinyl flooring mimics the look of real wood. However it offers low maintenance and is highly cost-effective compared with solid wood. Another great benefit is that its installation is easier in comparison with genuine solid- or engineered wood-flooring.

  • Construction of Vinyl Plank-flooring

This type of vinyl flooring is constructed differently from luxury vinyl tiles. These vinyl planks are designed with four layers, from top to bottom:

  • Wear layer
  • Print layer
  • Inner core
  • Backing

The wear layer forms the most significant feature of these vinyl planks. The longevity and durability of the vinyl flooring is determined by the wear layer’s thickness. The range of these wear layers differs from 0.1 millimeter – 0.5 millimeters plus. For all commercial spaces which handle high traffic the thicker these wear layers are, the better.

Vinyl plank flooring can provide almost all of hardwood flooring’s benefits, at reduced costs of course. These vinyl planks are available in a wide variety of the wooden grain-sizes. This enables you to opt for the grain-size which suits the rest of your interior the best.

  • Safety & Sustainability of the Flooring

Floor safety refers to the affect which these vinyl plank flooring will have on the quality of the air inside any commercial space or inside your home. Therefore, find a vinyl flooring product which is FloorScore certified. This means that the product has passed any indoor requirements regarding the air quality!

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