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Choosing the Best Garden Weed Eater

Weed eater is one of the most important gardening tools that every lawn owner should have. Weed eaters are classified as electric string trimmers, gas string trimmers, and string trimmer mowers. As compared to gas models, electric string trimmers are easy and simple to maintain, and they quieter and cleaner. Corded electric trimmers can provide a steady power supply without the weight of a battery and without recharging. However, a corded trimmer limits the size of your work area since it needs an extension cord, making it difficult to maneuver especially if there are obstacles like trees, a pond or pots of flowers around your yard.

Cordless trimmers provide more mobility as compared to corded models. Cordless trimmers have lithium-ion batteries with forty to eighty volts providing more power and runtime better than lower voltage batteries to let you handle larger jobs. These batteries are usually charged ranging from 30 minutes for fast charging to 3 hours for standard charging. Some brands of cordless weed eaters use batteries that can also power other garden equipment such as hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws and mowers. Gas string trimmers have more mobility and long runtimes, ideal for large areas and those lawns with heavier growth. Most gas trimmers require to pull a cord, but some models can start with a powered device that is purchased separately. It is essential that you use the right fuel for your gas trimmer, because they can only handle specific levels of ethanol, and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s requirements for the proper use of gas trimmers. It is better to find a string trimmer that can accept different attachments for other landscaping works. You can buy attachments for these string trimmers that can be converted quickly to an edger, blower, cultivator, brusher cutter, hedge trimmer, sweeper or pole saw. String trimmer mowers or walk-behind string trimmers are usually used in working with difficult to reach areas using a full-size mower but are too large to easily or effectively maneuver with a handheld trimmer.

Weed eaters’ advantages include lightweight, flexibility, efficiency and requiring less maintenance and repair. A brand of cordless weed eater have two-in-one features cutting heavy weeds and overgrowth quietly, switching easily from trimmer to edger through its automatic feed spool, which eliminates the frequent “stop and bumps” found in other trimmers. Other models have strict precise power control, with a variable speed for improved runtime management, and low-speed and high-speed control switch offering further user control. For more weed eater reviews, please feel free to visit our website.