Save Money Outfitting Your Entertainment Room

Many of have that dream entertainment space or man cave that we would like to

Many of have that dream entertainment space or man cave that we would like to create, to give us a place to play games, hang out with friends and family, watch TV and movies or to be a place to escape the world for a little “me” time. Often our dreams exceed our budget. However, with some planning, saving and wise shopping, you may be able to get just what you have always wanted. Here are a few ideas and tips to help you along your way.

Plan everything in advance

If you want a nice looking, well put together room, it is best to do some planning. Visit design websites and read design magazines and check out sites like Pinterest, for ideas. Try making your own idea board to organize your ideas and plans.

Draw out your ideas on paper. Make a floor map and draw out what is going to go on all the walls. Make sure things are going to fit and will not be crowded in one part of the room.  Be sure to measure the whole room and make sure that what you plan to put in the room will actually fit. Before doing any construction that requires cutting measure multiple times.

Cost everything out and find the best deals.

Keep a list or a spreadsheet of how much your project is going to cost, considering parts, labor, furnishings, and electronics. Do your due diligence on comparative shopping and you may be able to afford your dream room before you know it.

A couple of especially good places to shop can save you a lot of money. You can get great deals on gaming consoles and games at GameStop. Check for furniture at Wayfair. They have a massive selection ranging from inexpensive to high end designer furniture and accessories. They have a great wishlist tool to organize your ideas. The selection is so huge you may need to use the tool. They may have hundreds of choices for items you are looking for. The prices are good and shipping is free, which can be a very significant savings for heavy items.

Don’t buy all at once

Waiting until you can afford your perfect game room may not be necessary. If you have the space available in your home, just start with a couple pieces, like a couch and a TV. Make a plan for how you would like the room to eventually look, then work your plan. Buy more pieces as your budget allows. Just keep at it and you will see your dream space evolve into being.