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A Guide to Polishing Marble If you like your floors to look stunning and have a striking appearance, then you need to invest in marble floors that are polished. Marble floors, by themselves, are indeed beautiful but also need polishing to look even better. It is important that you polish marble floors carefully in order to get an exceptional result even though the process may be time consuming. Large scale marble polishing is not a small feat hence you should contact a professional if you aren’t aware of the process. Understand the effects of polishing and how it is to be done to get a good result before you actually begin the process. You wouldn’t get that ultimate finish if you do not have the right tools and skills for the task. There are two ways to go about the stone polishing process and you must understand these methods well. These two methods are approached in a different fashion but do give excellent results. Professionals normally have an idea of the method to use before they start working on a floor and you too need to have an idea of that. The first method is referred to as vitrification and involves a two-step process commonly known as the sandwich process. In this process, an acidic solution is sprayed on the marble surface and left to react with the calcium in the marble. A buffing machine fitted with steel wool pads is then passed carefully on the places where the reaction has taken place to create an excellent finish. For you to get an even finish, you have to work carefully on the entire floors.
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While using this process, you should note that the spray usually contains an element that will alter the surface of the stone first. Don’t panic here since even though the action cannot be reversed, it makes the tile surface stronger. After the procedure, a wax solution is to be applied on the floor in order to seal the results of the initial process in making the floor take shape. Despite its effective nature, the process has some drawbacks too. One common drawback is the flying debris from the steel wool which is hazardous and can also cause problems to the floor finish.
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Another common processes used is known as crystallization. Although it is almost similar to vitrification, it makes use of powder instead of a spray. The cleanup is then done to remove the powder and you don’t end up with wax or acid residues. Despite the superior result it produces, this process is challenging hence needs the services of a professional. The method you will use to polish your floors and the abrasives is not easy to choose hence you need to make a choice carefully. When it comes to abrasives, diamond ones are the best on both commercial and residential projects.