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Ways In Which A Hardwood Floor Can Be Installed The hardwood floor is usually very appealing to the eye and has a very lovely finish. Many people use it in the living room, the kitchen and the dining areas. You will need to get a lifetime warranty from the person you buy the flooring materials from. Before any installation is done, ensure that the floor is well leveled . Some glues are specific to the kind of materials they get attached to and therefore it is always important to follow the manufacturer’s advice written on the label. The first step is to always ensure the long planks are arranged at the corners facing the center of the room. Expansion is to be experienced and therefore there should be some space between the floor and the wall. In order that the colors be well displayed then you will need to mix them altogether from the various boxes. Use the next board to blind the nails from coming out. Always drive it slightly below the surface of the wood so as to prevent interference in the joint. To ensure there is a tight fit between the boards then lock the groove and the tongue together with a mallet. Make the board firmly attached by staggering the ends a few inches together.
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If you decide on using the flooring nailer then ensure you have put the nailers protective boots so as to prevent the other boards from cracking. A lot of space is occupied when using the nailer and therefore it requires that you should already have fixed two or more boards before use. You can be forced to blind the nails a number of times before using the nailer.
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Always remember to keep an expansion gap all through the room. With the last row, the boards tend to be bigger or even smaller than expected. For those that appear big then cut them to fit the correct size. Avoid messing the floor by following the instructions given on the label. Wood party similar to the floor should be used to cover the holes that appear after the whole work is done. It is easy to maintain such kind of a floor. To ensure that the floor is kept always clean then you will need to sweep it regularly to clear it off all the grit. To remove the hard stuff stuck on the floor then use an alcohol based cleaning kit to remove it. Ensure that you have kept yourself away from the room that has just been installed the flooring so that you may be able to allow it sometime to be fixed well.