Top Reasons to Choose Retrofit Double Glazing

If you love older-style properties, you may have been put off by draughty single glazing. But with retrofit double glazing you can enjoy all the benefits of a warm and cosy home while preserving that period character you love. Here’s why retrofit double glazing is worth the investment.

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Maximise Thermal Results

The most obvious benefit of retrofit double glazing is that you’ll improve soundproofing and insulation. Whether you replace single panes of glass with double-glazed panes or opt for secondary glazing, you can expect to lose up to 30{98af1599120bc237eb00c653d5b96b22add22905a6dcb077f96862f01cc45693} less heat through your windows.

Commit to Sustainable Living

We’re all aware of the need to make our lifestyles more sustainable, and that has benefits in terms of reducing energy use and big bills. But retrofit double glazing can also be more cost-effective than opting for new replacement windows, and there’s less mess. Your existing windows won’t end up in landfill, which means you’ll be conserving resources. It’s a win-win all round.

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Preserve Your Property’s Character

For many people, the thought of ripping out original features and replacing them with new double glazing units is a good enough reason to carry on battling with draughty glazing. Not any more – with retrofit double glazing you can preserve the aesthetics and character of your property, retaining its period features for generations to come. So if you live in a period property in Gloucester double glazing is no longer a dream – just ask a company like about retrofit glazing for your home.

Custom-Fit Glazing

Another benefit of retrofit double glazing is that it can be adapted to fit your existing windows. So whether you have casements or sash windows, aluminium or timber frames, there’s a solution to fit. And that applies to unusually shaped windows, too, so you don’t have to put up with any cold and draughty corners.

Add Value

Every house is expected to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). But did you know that moving your house into a higher category can add as much as 16{98af1599120bc237eb00c653d5b96b22add22905a6dcb077f96862f01cc45693} to the value of your home? Retrofitting double glazing to your existing windows not only helps your home preserve its character but can add value when you decide it’s time to move – after all, everyone loves a warm and cosy home with cheaper energy bills!