Types of Phone Signal Boosters

What is a mobile repeater is used for and what types of boosters can be

What is a mobile repeater is used for and what types of boosters can be differentiated.

Modern technologies are developing very rapidly. However, there is still the problem of poor mobile telephony availability in some remote regions. If you want to communicate with family and friends smoothly regardless of your local network reliability, you should try a 4g signal amplifier that helps improve both mobile and Internet communication.

What Is a Mobile Phone Booster?

These small devices are designed to receive a signal transmitted by your provider and enhance it by ten folds. They are aimed at providing a more powerful connection regardless of the operator and the standards of its operation. In other words, the devices help make the mobile signalmore qualitative and effective. They can also be called Booster 3G since the classification depends on the mobile technology the device supports, as well as on the following parameters:

  • signal
  • coverage
  • provider
  • place where they are used

Thus, a person has the opportunity to choose a suitable device specifically for his or her needs among a wide range of products.

Types of Boosters According to Places and Signal

Based on the place of use, there are stationary and portable devices. The stationary models are suitable for indoor use only, while portable devices can work as a cell phone booster for car or even asboat amplifiers.

According to the type of phone or Internet connection, there are amplifiers supporting various technologies:

  • 3G
  • 4G
  • GSM
  • DCS
  • CDMA

Types of Boosters According to the Coverage

There are different devices for different reasons. There is no need to install a GSM boosterwith a potent antennaif you need to increase the Internet power in your tiny little apartment.

Instead, you should choose based on the following coverage options:

  • For small areas (up to 300 m2) – this device is suitable for a restaurant, beauty salon or shop;
  • For an average floor space (up to 500 m2) – such a type will be needed for offices and large residential buildings;
  • For large ​​premises (up to 1200 m2) – this option works fine for a small-sized shopping centre.

Types of Boosters According to the Providers

Most of British mobile network providers have big trouble in keeping signal reception good enough. Therefore, there are the following types of devices that could help:

o  EE booster

o  O2 booster

o  Vodafone phone booster

o  Three mobile signal booster

o  Virgin mobile signal booster

o  Tesco mobile signal booster

o  BT mobile signal booster

o  Giffgaff signal booster

There are also devices capable of amplifying signals from several providers, so they might be your lucky choice in some cases.