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Explanations why Folks Opt for Cremation instead of Burial Death is a painful occasion particularly for the loved ones of the deceased. It leaves the remaining members of the deceased desolate and in sorrow. To show our respect and love for the deceased, we have to offer them the best sendoff service as possible. The dead are to be given a good sendoff to rest their souls in peace. However the question is shall we bury the dead or shall we cremate them. This concern could be well based on the available situation. Here we will have a look at the factors that may influence a family to go for cremation rather than burial. The Deceased’s Will Most people before they die draft a will on how they will be sendoff when they die. This usually affects the decision of the family to cremate their bodies if that was their wish. A lot of people desire to honour the wishes of the deceased members of the family as a means of demonstrating respect and love for the departed.
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Some-times the cost of burial may be too high when compared with cremation. When individuals die far away from home, the expense of carrying the body back home may be too high. Furthermore the price of getting space for burial especially in towns could be too high. This may prompt them to opt for cremation as a way of saving on cost as cremation services are usually affordable. Emotional Attachment Sometimes the emotional attachment families have to their deceased members influences what they will do to their bodies after death. Some choose cremation to get the ashes of the deceased and store them in safety boxes as a sign of good omen. These beliefs are influenced by the emotional attachment the family members have to the departed member. Religious Orientation Some religions are completely in opposition to cremation, others are reasonable while others totally support it as a way of appeasing the gods. Based on one’s religious beliefs, the decision to cremate the death will be influenced on the position they hold in the society. The Society Culture determines how the deceased will be offered their final sendoff. People in the society have different views about cremation. In some societies people are cremated based on their position in the society. Those who held leadership positions may be buried rather than buried as a sign of monumental purposes. Others may opt to cremate their leaders and keep their ashes as a sign of anointing new leaders.