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Here are Friendlier Ways to Deal with Critters

It goes without saying that pests are unwelcome in a high percentage of homes. This comes as no surprise as they are known to destroy food and even destroy important documents. Nevertheless, these are creatures that have life in them and it would be good to deal with them in a friendly manner. Talked about here is a closer look into this matter.

Closing the pest entry areas to your premises is one of the best strategies that you can ever do. This is an approach that sounds quite simple but the truth is that many folks disregard this. Use of insect meshes has passed the test of time when it comes to preventing entry of insects via the small holes in walls. On the other hand, foxes and badgers will not be able to gain entry if you introduced concrete bases to your fence.

Removing all food and water sources is also known to help when it comes to getting rid of pests. When there is nothing to eat or drink, the only other option is to leave. You will be doing the right thing using air tight containers to store food in addition to ensuring that there is no leakage in taps and pipes. Studies show that keeping surroundings dry and clean will eradicate the likes of cockroaches and centipedes given that lots of insects cannot do without moisture for long.

Another way to achieve this is getting rid of pest shelters. When shelter is destroyed, the creature will have no choice but to seek for shelter somewhere else and this works best for nocturnal animals. You will be doing the right thing not storing wood inside the house or perhaps putting it against walls. Plant trimming is also a good idea lest you end up offering critters a perfect highway to gain entry to your property. Piling of newspapers might seem to cause no harm but this can be a hideout for insects and it would therefore be wise to avoid clutter in your home.

Repairs need to be done anytime that decay seems to be affecting your property. The better part of insects prefer rotting wood and it’s a wise idea to repair such areas. Keep in mind that pools of stagnant water offer perfect insect breeding grounds. For instance, disregarding leaking pipes will in most cases cause mosquito invasion during warm months, putting you at risk of contracting malaria. Decay also leads to build up of more holes hence providing perfect entrance points for critters ready to explore your home.

The market offers humane alternatives for people wishing to get rid of pests. Keeping spiders at bay can be as easy as using some essential oils. It is such alternatives that help create a kind co-existence with wildlife.