Benefits of Using Air Conditioning with Solar Energy Fuels

I didn’t use the air cooler, because for me? using a cooling machine is just adding to my burden in paying for electricity, with the television, refrigerator, DVD and water pump / sanyo, that’s enough for me. However, sometimes I feel dissatisfied when after work, whether or not I know, I feel that when I am resting in my room, I feel that my sleep is not good enough and not even so comfortable, that I have the wrong nature when I rest at home. But, I didn’t just stand still, I had to find a solution so that the air of my house became cool and comfortable to rest. A few days later I got a solution from my co-worker, if I had to use a solar air cooler. At first I refused, but it wasn’t wrong if I wanted to try it.

After I came home from work, I tried to ask mbah Google, looking for information about selling ac, after I searched for it I finally found one of the cheap selling ac daikin web pages located in Tangerang. I also felt kepo and wanted to know the price of the air cooler he sold, after I read, it turned out that the price of the air cooler he sold had a relatively affordable price and besides, it could be paired directly, because the website does not sell ac, but instead provides services install it too.

I contacted him immediately, and then I ordered it for the air cooler to have a split wall measuring 1 pk. The next day, my cooling machine came and was immediately installed by the technician, it only took 4 hours, my air cooler was paired, I wanted to try it and wanted to feel the coolness. Finally from there I could feel comfort in resting, until now I feel at ease in resting at home.

Benefits of Using solar air cooler

  • Comfortable in resting
  • Can interact with family well
  • Do not have anxiety
  • Complete the job well
  • Children can learn comfortably

Important Using Air Conditioning

 So, actually with the existence of an air cooler machine is very helpful for us in completing work, both working, studying, resting, and others. You can feel it by yourself after you use the air cooler.

AC or air cooler is an electronic device that functions to cool the air temperature in a room. AC is used when the air temperature is rising or in hot weather conditions. The air cooler can be adjusted to the temperature of the cold as needed.

Some articles have suggested the dangers of AC. However, air conditioning is very useful to cool the air when in hot weather conditions. Not only that, unwittingly it turns out that AC has health benefits as quoted from the acrjournal.

Tony Ellerker, from Blakes Building Services, said that AC has a bad reputation. Even some articles misinterpret the US ability. Of course besides negative, we also need to understand the benefits of AC.

“Air cooler don’t have a very good reputation. Most are baseless or at least misinterpreted. The best approach is to fight negativity with positivity. If potential customers have heard a lot about how the air conditioning system can harm them, your best approach is to come back in a way that can be a positive influence, “he said.

AC is useful for helping breathing. For people who experience respiratory problems to asthma. So the air cooler is very influential.

Some asthmatics admit that the respiratory problems are reduced when air-conditioned rooms are well maintained. Because it is protected from bacterial air, a kind of contaminant and pollutant temperature.

Some people say AC makes heat or cold quickly, and that can cause a person to lose energy and reduce immunity. However, the air conditioning system maintains a constant room temperature which makes one more ready to fight infection. In addition, a stable AC temperature can prevent the arrival of bacteria.

The risk of heatstroke or heat fatigue for people confined to buildings. The AC system is the solution to the hottest part of the day, and this vulnerable person can avoid these chronic conditions.

The air cooler also functions as a deodorizer and smoke. An uncomfortable odor will be very disturbing. Besides smoke not only produces odor, but if smoke contains chemicals or other bad substances such as vehicle fumes, factory fumes to cigarette smoke will affect the health of the body. solar air cooler will greatly help health in these conditions.