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Some Information about Rat Infestation

Rats are intelligent creatures and very friendly when tame and these features rather can make them as cute pets. Domestic rats are less likely to bite than gerbils and hamsters, and so it is a good choice if your child is looking for a new pet. Wild rats though are never good once they infest your home aside from not being cute. And so, if you suspect that their family is starting to take up your home like in the garage, attic or basement, then this should be something to be concern of.

There are two main types of rats and these are the black and brown rats, although they come in different sub-species. The rats that came from Asia were small, however, their relatives are much larger and these are what you see in your own cities and towns.

While humans migrated around the world, rats also followed and their population go along with the soldiers and traders who were busy trading in Asia and Europe. Rats were everywhere, hitching rides on ships, sailing between continents, and eventually you see them everywhere after a few centuries.

Rats are like pests which are nature’s scavengers, meaning, the more food is available, the more rats will be around. Rats are not fussy with their food, although they prefer diet of meat and vegetables, they will still be happy to loot your trash or raid your vegetable patch. Be warned that rats will also attack smaller animals if they cannot find food in their areas.

Rats are written and spoken about for several centuries and the main topic of concern is that they spread disease. It was recorded that 25 million people died in the Middle Ages termed as the black death, where people just collapsed on the streets with disease spreading around, and this was known to be the Bubonic Plague caused by rats which were infested with fleas.

An outbreak of this disease can be avoided in our modern days because we have more understanding of the process of the disease. Rats today can do spread disease still, and thus we have to act immediately to avoid infestation.

If you see rats living and breeding your surroundings, you should be concern of this condition since rat-borne disease called leptospirosis is the most common to occur.
Salmonella is another disease that you can obtain if you consume water or food that are contaminated by rats. If people are exposed to rat droppings or rat urine, they can be contaminated with the disease called hantavirus, and also this disease can be transmitted through rat bite. Very common also in the rat population is e-coli, and rats are also infected with this disease leading humans to be contaminated too from food and water that are contaminated.