Our Daughter Loves Her New Shutters

My husband and I decided to buy orange county shutters for our daughter and her husband as a present for their fifth wedding anniversary. They live fairly close by and I’m over there often helping to take care of my young grandson. I noticed that my daughter didn’t like the drapery she had up on the windows. She often complained about the cost of having them cleaned and didn’t think they looked right in the room. I kept quiet, but I couldn’t have agreed more. I won’t say that they are the worst thing I’ve seen, but they weren’t good.

My husband and I enjoy our plantation shutters because they are easy to maintain and they really do an excellent job of allowing you to control how much light and heat get into your house. Out here in California, that is no small thing. People talk about how great the weather is out here, but it also can get really hot in the summer and you better have a plan for your windows or you are going to feel like you’re sitting on the sun. We worked with a great local company to get our shutters installed so we went with them again to help our daughter.

She couldn’t have been more thrilled to learn what we wanted to do for her, but a few challenges existed. For example, they have a very unusual and rare paint on the walls in most of the rooms of the house. This presented a challenge because it’s important to match the shutters to the rest of the room. The company delivered like true professionals and managed to find some of that paint so that they could get the hinges and other parts of the shutters to match. Overnight the whole composition of out daughter’s house changed, and for the better because of the plantation shutters!